Lovebirds Make Great Pets

Lovebirds Make Great Pets
I have a real love for birds as you can probably tell and I recently aquired a pair of lovebirds.  I have had several breeds of birds as pets over the years but never lovebirds. The two lovebirds above are George and Martha and they are a proven pair of breeders. In the following post ...

My Pet Chinese Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis Make Great Outdoor Pets This spring I hatched a Chinese praying mantis ootheca (egg case) in my garden here in Minnesota. The little nymphs hatched in May and there were probably a hundred of them. These little nymphs faced many challenges throughout this gardening season and the first being the weather. The temperatures ...

Raising Praying Mantis In Your Garden

Raising Praying Mantis In Your Garden
 Praying Mantis Feast On Garden Pests If your looking for a natural way to rid your garden from pest insects   Get yourself a bunch of mean green eating machines like the photo above and not only will you have a garden with less pests you will also have a great conversation piece. Since I ...

$25 Airbnb Credit

Enjoy $25 Towards Your First Trip Just Click Right Here     My girlfriend Melissa and I enjoyed our stay in Louisville Kentucky through Airbnb. Signup above and start searching. Join Airbnb and book a cheap stay.

Minnesota’s Mystery Squirrel

Minnesota's Mystery Squirrel
What picture comes to mind when you think squirrel ?     Did you know that we had flying squirrels in Minnesota?      Northern Flying Squirrel Eating Seeds     Northern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus) I fell in love with the northern flying squirrel about 10 years ago and I am now blessed with ...

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