Attracting Hummingbirds In Minnesota

Attracting Hummingbirds In Minnesota

attracting ruby-throated hummingbirds in Minnesota

Its April 12th and I’m so excited to see if our family of Ruby -throated hummingbirds come back this year. For the last two years we have had a pair of Ruby -throated hummingbirds living in our backyard. These two birds have become so tame around us that they almost seem like pets.

We have had such a horrible winter this year and it seems like spring is never going to arrive. If your interested to see where the Ruby -throated hummingbirds are in their migration check out this great Map.  As of today’s date the hummingbirds are still in Missouri and heading their way towards Iowa.

 Tips on attracting hummingbirds in Minnesota



Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

4 parts water to 1 part granulated sugar it’s as simple as that. No need to spend money on pre-made nectar. Just take a 1 cup measuring cup and put four cups of water and one cup of sugar into a pan and then you want to bring this to a boil and then take it off the heat. You want the sugar to dissolve in the water. Now let it cool and your ready to feed.


Feeding Tips

• Change sugar water or nectar at least every three days. Clean feeders at least once a week with hot water and a bottle brush. I run mine threw the dishwasher without soap. Also don’t fill up your feeder just fill them a quarter of the way. The nectar will go bad in the hot sun and a pair of birds are not going to drink a whole feeder in 3 days. Avoid waste.

• Ruby-throated hummingbirds are migrants and can’t handle freezing temperatures. Most ruby-throats leave Minnesota and other northern states by mid October and don’t
return until April.

• Bees, yellow jackets, and wasps are a problem at hummingbird feeders. Avoid feeders with yellow in them (insects are attracted to the color yellow). Make sure you use
bee guards on your feeders. These are little plugs that keep bees from getting into the nectar and drowning but allows the beak to enter.

• Avoid using red food coloring it’s not needed.

• If ants are a problem you will need to create a moat filled with water so they can’t reach the nectar.


This video is from 2013 in our hummingbird garden.


The hummingbird garden on June 5th 2014

hummingbird flowers 004



This is the garden on July 26th. Gotta love perennials. So easy to maintain and keep coming back year after year. Not only do the plants come back every year they also multiply and spread and by the third year you will have plants you can share with neighbors and friends.

The flowers you plant attract bees and butterflies to the garden as well. Here in Minnesota if I had one choice of plant to grow it would be “Purple Bee Balm” for several reasons.

  • Grows fast and comes in several colors
  • Just mow it down in the Fall and it will be back in the Spring
  • Hummingbirds and nectar loving insects love Bee Balm
  • Grows great in Minnesota




chameleon 004


I hope you enjoyed the post and learned something about attracting hummingbirds in Minnesota. Next time your at the Dollar Store pick up a hummingbird feeder and mix up a batch a nectar. I guarantee you will fall in love with these little birds.