Ayam Cemani Chickens-Our Black Beauty

We Love Our Ayam Cemani Chicken

Ayam Cemani Hen


Melissa and I are so excited for the spring of 2019 to come. This year we can finely keep chickens legally in  Brooklyn Center where we live. We are allowed to keep six hens which is perfect for our backyard.

These chickens are going to be pets so we wanted some variety and unique looking birds.

We don’t have many places that sell hatching eggs or chicks here in the Twin Cities and I didn’t feel comfortable having eggs shipped to me with this horrifically cold weather we have been having.

Then the light bulb went on. Ellie my co worker lives on a hobby farm and I knew they raised chickens for eggs and meat but I never really asked what type of birds they raised.

We got to talking and I find out her husband and two sons are raising some of the rarest and most expensive chickens on earth the Ayam Cemani.

Let’s take a tour with L.J into the Ayam Cemani coop. They keep the cemani’s separate from the other chickens to keep them from interbreeding.


We wanted to enjoy the whole life cycle from egg to chick. We also wanted these chicks to imprint on us as parents. L.J saved up a dozen eggs including 6 ayam cemani’s and other were light brahmas and two smaller eggs.



ayam cemani incubating


After 10 days in the incubator Melissa and I decided to check the progress by candling the eggs.

I made a home made candler out of a coffee can and a light bulb and it worked but got extremely hot and didn’t hold the egg well.

I then splurged on this $15.00 candler on Amazon and love it get it here.


As you can see it has two power options both battery or 110 wall plug in. It does a great job at illuminating the egg so you can see the development.



The wait is over and we ended up with one ayam cemani and one black cochin. My fingers are crossed that they are hens because we can’t keep roosters here in town.

ayam cemani chick


As you can see in the video below the ayam cemani has black feet and beak compared to the cochin.

This is what makes these chickens so unique and rare. They lack pigmentation so everything is black on these birds including their bones and meat. They are beautiful as adults as the black feathers really have a sheen to them and almost appear purple in the sun.



If your interested in obtaining some Ayam Cemani chicks or possibly some adults please send me an email to davesherva@gmail.com.