Can You Really Make Money With VirtaPay ?

VirtaPay Review

Is VirtaPay A Real Income Opportunity ?

First off VirtaPay is a virtual currency. It is not real money. When you sign up with VirtaPay  they deposit $100 into your account. By logging into your account on a daily basis you have an opportunity to earn an extra $20 for doing nothing.

You can also increase your balance by recruiting new members to VirtaPay. For each new member you bring in you get $25. How sweet is that $100 to sign up $20 a day for doing nothing and if you tell your friends another $25 a head.

What Can You Buy With VirtaPay Funds ?

Don’t shoot the messenger here. Nothing of any value as far as I can see. You can use your funds to buy digital products like e-books, software from within the system. You can also sell digital products within the system to add funds to your account.

I clicked on a few of the products for sale and they were old e-books from 5 years ago.  As a free member you can list 5 digital products for sale up to a maximum of $25 an item.

VirtaPay talks about being able to convert your funds to a debit card or a bitcoin someday.

Think about it though. A current bitcoin is valued at around $785 in real US dollars. So VirtaPay is going to convert fake currency into cash or a real bitcoin. That’s impossible, that’s not how business works. There is no such thing as something for nothing.

I did a video of the VirtaPay backoffice to show you what it looks like.

I checked out VirtaPays Facebook Page and it has 179K likes but nothing has been updated for over a year. My advice is to stay away from this program it’s a waste of time and energy. Once again the old saying ” If it looks to good to be true, it probably is ”

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