Cox Sky Ranger Review

cox sky ranger review

Looking for an inexpensive and easy to fly plane ?

The Cox Sky Ranger remote controlled airplane comes flight ready in a box for around $100. I am a total newbie in the hobby of r/c electric planes and wanted to buy one set up that I didn’t have to assemble.

Here’s what you get

  • The Sky Ranger electric airplane
  • 2.4GHz radio system with dual rates and 4 “AA” batteries
  • Spare SafeProp
  • 7.4V 180mAh LiPo batteryCox Sky Ranger Kit
  • Balancing LiPo charger and AC power supply
  • Instructions & screwdriver




My first flight with the Cox Sky Ranger was a total blast. I have never flown a r/c airplane of any sorts. I don’t play any video games so the whole controller in hand felt foreign. I went to a local park on a calm day and had my friend give it a throw while I had the throttle at about 3/4. It took off and climbed like a dream. I was getting nervous as my plane was flying over a patch of woods and a swamp.

What I learned right away is that it does not take much movement on the control sticks to send the plane into trouble. I crashed my Sky Ranger three times and my last crash I bent the propeller shaft on the motor and had to order a new motor for $10. The key is to remain calm and don’t overcompensate on the controller and fly in a area without any obstacles.