FunnelKit Plugin Captures Leads

FunnelKit Marketing Package


FunnelKit wordpress plugin

How would you like to triple your sales overnight ?

  • without paying for traffic
  • without switching opportunities
  • no chasing friends or family
  • no complicated software

FunnelKit Marketing Pages

Make gathering and converting leads a snap. With conversion rates of 80 % your business will skyrocket. FunnelKit WordPress plugin launches on December 11th at 1:00pm. I was able to get a review copy from the creator Emilis Strimaitis. It is awesome.

FunnelKit Plugin Features

  • includes GEOptin which pulls your location from Google Maps and creates a custom page specific to your city or state. Great for local marketing.
  • YouTube enabled backgrounds. That’s right, you can simply add your YouTube video url and FunnelKit will create a capture page or landing page with your video playing the background.

 Demonstration of the Map Feature


I have had great results using the map feature.

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