Hand Taming Ringneck Doves

Hand Taming Ringneck Doves Tips

Ringneck doves make fantastic pets and are born almost naturally tame. With some patience and time you should have no problem hand taming your ringneck dove.

If possible I would start with a young ringneck dove. At 30 days the young doves are ready to fly and should be weaned from their parents. If your only keeping one dove you become that birds companion or human parent.

Whenever your around your dove you should be talking softly so your dove becomes familiar with your voice. Always move slow and approach your ringneck dove from the front so it can see you coming. Feeding time is a great time to bond with your bird. You want your dove to associate you with food so when they see you they get excited and know food is coming. So don’t just walk into the room and slide their feed dish into the cage and walk away.

Ringneck doves love treats so you should use this to your advantage. My doves love shredded cheese of any kind so I put some cheese in my hand and approach the dove slowly and I say “Here’s your treat” then put your hand close enough so your dove can reach it. At first with a new dove this hand feeding my take some time and requires daily interaction. Soon your dove will recognize the phrase “Here’s your treat” and will be dancing around waiting for you to open the cage. Hand taming ringneck doves is easy it just takes time and bonding together.

Hand Taming My Ringneck Doves


A great place to train your dove is in the bathroom. Ringneck doves love light showers or misting. I keep my birds outside for seven months out of the year and they love to be sprayed by the hose and enjoy a light rain. With that said your dove will love to sit on the shower curtain while you shower. Mine love it, they get a light mist and preen themselves and it keeps the dust down from their feathers. In the bathroom you won’t have distractions like family members or the family dog. They get a kick out of looking at themselves in the mirror.


Hand Tamed Ringneck Doves Used In Magic