Housing Homing Pigeons

Homing Pigeon Housing Basics

If your interested in getting a few pigeons for pets or are interested in getting into the sport of racing pigeons. Your going to need to provide your feathered friends with adequate housing.

homing pigeons enjoying the sun

Homing pigeon housing does not need to be fancy but there are some basic requirements that must be met to keep your birds happy and healthy.

I have kept homing pigeons for the last twenty years and can’t even begin to tell you the pleasures these birds bring a person. They depend on you to keep them warm and comfortable and well feed. If you satisfy their basic needs they will in return provide hours of great fun and learning


My Pigeon Coop and Birds


Your pigeon coop needs to provide.

1. Protection from the weather.

2. Safety from natural predators.

3. Room for nesting boxes.

4. Adequate spots for pigeons to roost.

5. Have the ability to seperate birds.

When it comes to space each bird needs two square feet of room to be comfortable. On the floor I use 1/2 inch hardware cloth this size allows the droppings to fall to the ground and yet is small enough so their feet don’t get caught up. I also use the 1/2 on the front of my pigeon coop. I would advise against using chicken wire the holes are just to big to keep out snakes and mice.

To give you an idea on the cost involved I added a 4 x 4 x 4 addition to my coop and the lumber and hardware cloth cost me $80. You could certainly use scrap lumber or check Craigslist in the free section a lot of times people post free lumber.

I’m keeping my eye’s out for a garden shed that somebody may be trying to get rid of. They make ideal pigeon coops and give you lot’s of room for storage or sectioning off the coop to seperate the sexes or young birds from the old birds.

I was able to find some free building plans if your interested just click on the link. This site has complete plans as well as pictures of coops other people have built.Free Homing Pigeon Housing Plans.

Housing homing pigeons in cold climates like Minnesota where I live brings on a few additional tasks. One being keeping the water from freezing. What I do is keep a spare waterer in the house during the winter months and twice a day I swap out the waterers.

I thought about using an electric dog bowel but my coop is about 150 feet from my house and to run an extension cord over the snow does not really thrill me.

I also add a layer of pine shaving to the shelves and nest boxes. I don’t know if it helps keep their feet warm, but I do it anyways. I don’t use any type of heater or artificial lighting.

I do feed my pigeons more whole corn during the winter to keep them warm and I also add rabbit pellets to their feed. The rabbit pellets replace the greens they would normally get during the non winter months.

If you have any questions about housing homing pigeons leave me a comment.