Kayaking the Upper Kinnikinnick River

Having A Blast Kayaking The Kinnikinnick

Kinni Creek Lodge Review


If your looking for some adventure I would highly recommend kayaking the Kinnikinnick river in River Falls Wisconsin. My girlfriend and I bought a Groupon for a kyaking trip for two for $50 through Kinni Creek Lodge and we had a blast.


What the kayaking package includes

First call Kinni Creek Lodge and make a reservation. You will have to read a set of rules and sign a waiver form at the lodge after that the fun begins.

We have never kayaked before so they suggested we float the upperĀ Kinnikinnick river as there are less rapids and the navgation is a little easier. They take you in the van above for about a 5 minute drive out of River Falls and drop you off at the river landing. We took our time and stopped along the river and it took us about 2 and half hours to complete the trip. You end up back at Kinni Creek Lodge. If you take the 6 hour tour you would go past the lodge and would be picked up downstream near the St Croix river.

The kayak, paddle and life vest are provided so all you have to bring is some to drink and some snacks. I would advise to leave your phone and wallet in your vehicle. We never tipped but it is certainly possible.

What theĀ Kinnikinnick River is like

The water is shallow the whole trip with max depths being about four feet. Most of the trip the water is only about a foot deep so you can get out of your kayak to stretch or go for a swim. The water is very cool and comes from underground springs. There are thousands of brook trout in the Kinni and as you float down you will see them darting back and forth and coming to the surface to eat insects. I will bring a fishing rod next time.


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