My Pet Chinese Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis Make Great Outdoor Pets

This spring I hatched a Chinese praying mantis ootheca (egg case) in my garden here in Minnesota. The little nymphs hatched in May and there were probably a hundred of them. These little nymphs faced many challenges throughout this gardening season and the first being the weather. The temperatures dipped into the upper 30’s several nights and we also had quite a bit of rain. The young that survived the weather had to deal with birds and the lawnmower and getting stepped on by the family and dog. The video below is one of the egg cases that just hatched. If you want to hatch a ootheca yourself read my in depth post here Hatching Your Mantis.


Hour Old Chinese Praying Mantis Nymphs


By the fourth of July the mantis nymphs were a few inches long and a lot easier to see in the garden. Mantises are eating machines and if they don’t have enough prey items to eat they will eat each other. I placed the nymphs in three separate gardens and they do wander on their own. During the summer I found a few of my mantises in the neighbors yards. My neighbor Cindy actually rescued a mantis that was about 3 inches long from a spider web near her front door.

In August my pet mantises were adults and I had about 10 of them that I could find at any time. Myself and the neighbors named them we had Big Steve, Rick, Pretty Lady it seems weird but praying mantises make great outdoor pets. The praying mantis in the video below is a mature female. I said it’s a male in the video but after looking at the mantis more closely it’s certainly a girl.

 Adult Female Chinese Praying Mantis