My White Homers Enjoying The Sun

My Homing Pigeons Enjoying The Sun

homing pigeons enjoying the sun


What a beautiful weekend here in Minnesota. It’s October 27th and it’s 67 degrees out. I had my homing pigeons out for a 5 mile training toss and when I got back home my birds were laying in the grass enjoying the sun and taking a baths.

In the hobby of flying homing pigeons there is kind of a unwritten suggestion that you should not fly your birds once the leaves drop from the trees. The reason is the leaves provide camouflage for the homing pigeons from hawks. I do have a slight advantage in that my homing pigeons are all white and nearly impossible to see against the white snow. So I tend to fly my birds all winter.


 White Homing Pigeons Taking A Break


If your looking for a new hobby for yourself or an activity you can share with a child. I would highly recommend looking into the hobby of keeping homing pigeons. My birds have provided me with so much joy and happiness over the years.


Homing Pigeons Loving Spring


Fast forward almost 5 months and it’s March 14th 2015 and Spring may be here.  After a long winter my pigeons just love the coming of spring. The increase in daylight and warm temperatures stimulates their breeding instinct and in just  a few weeks we should have the first eggs of 2015.