Ringneck Doves Facts

Ringneck Dove Facts

Ringneck Dove FactsLet’s start with the various names you may come across when studying the ringneck dove. Their scientific name is Streptopelia Risoria but they have many common names such as ringneck dove, ring-necked dove, barbary dove, laughing dove, white dove.

Ringneck doves were domesticated by humans 2000-3000 years ago. Being domestic you are not going to find wild populations of ringnecks unless they are feral birds. They lack the natural instinct to migrate, or search for food and avoid predators. My point is if you have a pet dove that you no longer want. Don’t release it into the wild thinking it will fair well.  It would not be fair to the bird. Find it a loving home.


 Ringneck Doves Facts Video

 List of Ringneck Dove Facts

  1. Average lifespan is around 12 years. I believe the record is 24 yrs.
  2. They love shredded cheese.
  3. Bird of choice for magicians.
  4. Always lay 2 eggs which hatch in 14 days.
  5. Males have darker feet and tend to be more vocal.
  6. Ringneck doves come in over 20 color variations.
  7. Doves can be removed from their parents at 30 days.
  8. Ringneck doves can’t hull and crack large seeds.
  9. Doves love taking baths.
  10. They don’t bite like other pet birds.


 3 Day Old Ringneck Dove Chicks

izak walton baby doves 054

Ringneck Doves Get Along With Other Birds

I recently acquired a parakeet as you can see in the video and when they are out flying around they don’t bother each other. You would never want to keep them in the same cage.



If you own a dove or pet bird and need advice or help training please check out my video on “Hand Taming Ringneck Doves