Wild River State Park Campground Review

Wild River Campground Is A Fantastic Place To Camp

our campsite at wild river

My sweetie Melissa and I camped at Wild River Campground on June 24th-25th 2016 and really enjoyed the park despite the brutal hot temps and blustery winds. I hope you enjoy my review and check this campground out. To make reservations you can go to site here Wild River State Park



Whats great about Wild River State Park is it’s location to the Twin Cities. The park is only an hour away from Minneapolis up 35W in Center City. So you can leave after work on a Friday and still have time to set up your campsite and take a tour of the park.

The park is big and it borders the St Croix river for 18 miles. If you have a canoe I would certainly bring it. The campground used to have canoe rental but they no longer offer that service. There are some canoe rental companies in the area were you can do float trips.

Wild River State Park has 94 drive in sites and 34 of those have electricity. They also have a horse camp and 7 backpacking sites scattered through out the park. Our site in the video above was very nice and clean. It also was about 100 yards away from a outdoor ampitheater where they host educational programs for free.

Things to do at Wild River State Park

Trails– You could hike all day long and still not see everything in the campground. There are beautiful trails through the woods that lead down a big trail to the St Croix river. They also have horse trails if you want to bring a horse.

Nature Center- The nature center offers a great place to escape the heat. It has A/C and when Melissa and I were visiting they had a seminar about the animals that live in the park. It was awesome the speaker had several live birds and animals. They had an owl, hawk, snake and a few others. When you check in to camp you will get a schedule of the events happening in the park during your stay. They have a deck at the nature center that overlooks the St Croix and it is amazing. This is also a great place for birdwatchers so bring your camera and binoculars. These events are all free and family friendly.

Snake Research– Don’t freak out, but Wild River has a on going snake research project. They study bull snakes, Eastern and Western hognose snakes in their natural habitat. I love snakes and when we were there the park ranger caught a bull snake and I got to hold it. They photograph, weigh, and take down the vitals and then release the snakes back into the wild. The ranger mentioned they have identified 200 different bull snakes.


Just a heads up. There are black bear in the campground so need to keep your food secure and your campsite clean. The bears come into the campground for an easy meal out of the dumpster. The bears are more afraid of you then you are of them but just use common sense.


The bathrooms and showers were clean and reasonably close to our camping site. You can also buy firewood, snacks, basic camping supplies at the registration station. We will be back to visit Wild River State Park again.